Problems. Problems? GrooveShark Problems

Okay, just checked my email and someone sent in a "Why isn't this working?". Some investigating and it looks like GrooveShark's has been reset/reloaded/disabled/broken/something. This is how we search for songs. If it's intentional, then 'we screwed' for now. If it's not then they may notice and fix it in the next 24-hours. If it's still broken in a day or 2 I'll try and shoot them an email. Check , if that returns something, things are cool again.

Update: Looks like it's working again.

Plays a different song from the one shown

I'm getting a lot of songs which don't play (or even worse, play a different song from the one shown on the playlist).
The ones which do not play get marked as purple, the ones which actually play a different one are marked as green. I've also seen some marked as yellow and red. What do these colors mean?
Examples: (artist) Morphine - (song) The Night - (album) The Night (id) 14034: plays A Hard Day's Night by The Beatles

Re: Plays a different song from the one shown

Unfortunately, GrooveShark's search ( isn't as robust as we'd all like it to be. You can't specify the artist or song or album, just a string that contains whatever search terms are entered and it tries to find the best match. I'll try and tweak things a little so you get better results.

Your ex. at "Morphine The Night" returns songs not by Morphine, if I change it to just "Morphine Night" the first song returned is correct.

The colors mean:
Yellow: I can't find how long the song is from MusicBrainz
Green: The artist that GrooveShark returns doesn't match what you've searched for (which is bad)
Red (maybe? or Purple): means that GrooveShark isn't returning anything at all, so I give up (ha!) and stop, I should just skip to the next song in this situation I think

Things can be improved, I'll see what I can do.

Great, thanks a lot for the

Great, thanks a lot for the feedback. What's the best place to post feedback or found bugs? Shall I put it here as a comment as my previous post?

Re: Great

Yeah, you can just post it in the news item of the version you're having problems with. That is, "GrooveWalrus 0.17 Released" for the version I just released. If it gets too busy we'll open up a forum/message board.